How to Add a Bot to Discord

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By adding a bot to your Discord server, you can automate many tasks like monitoring member behavior, generating memes, and managing customer service queues. We’ll show you how to add one to your server.

First, Enable the “Manage Server” Permission

To add a bot to your Discord server, you need the “Manage Server” permission for your user account. Your server’s admin can grant this permission to your user role from the server settings menu (the steps on how to do this are below.)

If you have this permission already, you can skip to the next section.

To enable this permission using an admin account, launch Discord in a web browser on your Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook computer. You can use the Discord client, but since you’ll have to log in to Discord on the web to add a server anyway, we suggest you use the web version.

On the Discord site, in the sidebar to the left, select the server you want to add a bot to.

Your server screen will open. On this screen, beside your server’s name in the top-left corner, click the down-arrow icon.

In the down-arrow icon menu, choose “Server Settings.”

On the “Server Overview” page that opens, in the sidebar to the left, choose “Roles.”

Select the user role that you’d like to give permission to add bots.

On the “Edit Role” page, at the top, click the “Permissions” tab.

In the “Permissions” tab, turn on the “Manage Server” option.

A prompt will appear at the bottom of the page. Click “Save Changes” in this prompt to save your newly made changes.

And that’s how you allow a user to add bots to your Discord server!

Next, Find a Discord Bot

If you haven’t already, it’s time to find the bot that you want to add to your Discord server. There are a few online Discord bot repositories that offer hundreds of free Discord bots to add to your server.

Some of these repositories are, and GitHub. Feel free to use any of these sites, or you can even make your own Discord bot.

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