How to Use Microsoft Edge to Solve Math Problems

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While there are several sites to learn math on, how about solving those problems inside your browser? Microsoft Edge’s new Math Solver makes it happen without breaking a sweat, and it can be a handy tool.

At the time of writing in June 2021, the “Math Solver” is still in the Preview stage and is available in Microsoft Edge 91. Clicking it opens a sidebar on the right side to clip and drop math problems or type them using the onscreen keyboard. From the looks of it, Math Solver might become a built-in feature like Collections.

Here’s how you can use Microsoft Edge to solve math problems.

Grab Snapshots of Math Problems

The quick and easy way to use this feature is to take a snapshot of a problem statement. Whether the problem is on a website or a PDF, you can take a screenshot and use it in the Math Solver.

To use the Math Solver, first, launch Microsoft Edge on your computer. Next, open the site or online document with the math problems that you want to solve.

Then, click the ellipses menu (three dots) in the top-right corner, open “More Tools,” and select “Math Solver.”

When “Math Solver” opens on the right side, it will prompt you to clip a formula using the selection tool to cover the relevant text.

Select the formula that you want to solve and click the “Solve” button that pops out.

The “Math Solver” will show you the instant solution to the problem.

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