Apple Stores Over 8 Exabytes of iCloud Data on Google Servers

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Apple stores over 8 million terabytes of user’s iCloud data on Google Cloud servers, according to a new report by The Information. Apple is now spending more than ever on cloud storage, with the bill piling over $300 million, the report claims. 

It’s common for companies to outsource cloud data management to third-party companies. ByteDance, the company which owns TikTok, has over 500 petabytes of its data stored on Google Cloud servers. Apple, like other big tech companies, has to rely on third-party cloud services to store its data.

Of course, Apple owns a lot of cloud servers for iCloud, and most of the data is stored on its own servers. Despite this, Apple has had to take the services of Google in the past few years.

A new report by The Information claims that Apple is now the largest spender on Google Cloud services. Apple’s Google Cloud bill has risen by 50% in the past year, with it touching the $300 million mark. Google Cloud now stores more than 8 exabytes of Apple iCloud user’s data on its servers.

The report says Apple’s data size is so large that Google has given them the codename ‘Bigfoot’. The data stored on these servers is encrypted in the same way it is for iCloud servers, with Apple owning the encryption keys for the servers.

The report comes amid the news of the iCloud+ launch. Apple is pushing its cloud services with iCloud+ this year, introducing new features like Private Relay, Mail Protection, and Hide My Email. Managing data on the cloud is (slowly) becoming easier, and the number is likely to go even further with the launch of new services like HomeKit Secure Video.

Source :[Via The Information]

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