How to Use the Microsoft Excel Watch Window for Formulas

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Tired of scrolling to see formulas and results in cells that aren’t in view? With the Watch Window in Microsoft Excel, you can keep an eye on your formulas without constant spreadsheet scrolling.

Available for all desktop versions of Excel, the Watch Window is a handy tool for seeing your formulas with their locations and results. You can view cells in your current workbook or another that you have open, which gives you the flexibility you need to stay on top of things.

Add Cells to Your Watch Window

You can easily add cells to the Watch Window in your current spreadsheet, and you can select the particular cells containing formulas if you want to watch or view all the formulas in the sheet.

Watch Certain Cells with Formulas

To add specific cells, first, select them, and then open the Formulas tab. Now, click “Watch Window” in the Formula Auditing section of the ribbon.

Click “Add Watch” in the Watch Window toolbar.

Confirm the cells that you’ve selected in the Add Watch pop-up window and hit “Add.”

Watch All Cells with Formulas

If you prefer to add all cells containing formulas in your sheet, this is just as simple. With your sheet active, go to the Home tab.

Click the “Find & Select” drop-down box in the Editing section of the ribbon and select “Formulas.”

This selects all cells containing formulas in your spreadsheet. From there, follow the same steps as those listed above to open the Watch Window and add those cells.

Use the Watch Window

After you add cells to the Watch Window, you can see the workbook name, sheet name, cell name, cell reference, value, and formula for each one.

This is when the Watch Window becomes so valuable in large spreadsheets. If you need to see the result of a formula (value), you don’t have to scroll through your current sheet, move to a different one, or even pull another workbook into view. Just look at the Watch Window.

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