Apple Music Crashes On iOS 14.5.1 While Using CarPlay, According To iPhone Users.

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Apple Music is recognised for its smooth CarPlay integration. iPhone users are now reporting that the Apple Music software crashes when used with CarPlay. Furthermore, the problem currently affects only iOS 14.5.1 users. Users have taken to Reddit to bring attention to a similar problem.

The Apple Music App has stopped working on Carplay. When I click on it, it opens then immediately closes and goes back to the home screen. No idea what changed. I made sure everything was update on my iPhone, restarted the phone, and power the car radio on and off. Nothing helped.

The OP appears to be using an iPhone XR with iOS 14.5.1 and a JVC stereo with CarPlay support. Apple Music crashes have only recently become a problem, and they typically occur when the user connects to the internet through WiFi or mobile data. More than a hundred comments have been left on the Reddit post, all describing the same problem.

Same here. Worked this morning, just went for a drive and thats when I noticed it. I also tried to reboot the stereo software and did a hard reset on my phone, 1still nothing. It will play music if I use my phone to pick what I want but will not open the music app at all on the carplay interface.

Rebooting or even doing a hard reset on the iPhone does not fix the problem at this stage. Furthermore, when opened from an iPhone and attached to Apple CarPlay, Apple Music works flawlessly. And when you open the program from the CarPlay gui does it fail. According to one person, the only way to solve the problem is to switch off WiFi and cell data. According to the comments, Apple Music began crashing on CarPlay just after iOS 14.5.1 was released. We hope Apple resolves the problem as soon as possible.

Source: via Reddit

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