How to Stop Telegram from Telling You When Your Contacts Join on Your iPhone

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Just like Signal, Telegram has the tendency to annoy you with notifications every time someone from your contact list joins the messaging app. We’ll show you how to disable these pesky notifications on Telegram.

If you’re using Telegram on iPhone, here’s an easy way to stop getting notified whenever any of your contacts joins the app.

Open Telegram and tap “Settings,” which is located in the bottom-right corner next to Chats.

Then, select “Notifications and Sounds.”

Scroll to the bottom and toggle off the “New Contacts” option.

Once you do this, Telegram will no longer send you notifications when people join.

Stop New Chats from Appearing in Telegram When Your Contacts Join

Whenever new contacts join Telegram, you will automatically find a new chat with the contact in the mobile app. You can stop this as well, but the method may be a bit extreme for some people. It requires you to use Telegram without sharing your contacts.

Before you do that, remember that this method makes it difficult to start new chats in Telegram. If you deny the app access to contacts, you might have to resort to searching for people with their username instead of their phone number. If people haven’t set a username—or if they have hidden their number in Telegram—you may not be able to find them.

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