Apple Working on Fix for iPhone 12 Wireless Charging Issue

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Apple has announced that it is working on a fix for iPhone 12 wireless charging issue. Recently, iPhone 12 users reported that they are facing wireless charging issues while using Qi-certified chargers. The issue disrupts while charging the iPhone 12.

The wireless charging issue was present in various charging pads, and many users faced the same issue. One of the workarounds involves restarting iPhone 12; however, the problem returns after a day or two. Interestingly the issue was not resolved even after an iOS update.

Most importantly, wireless chargers can charge older iPhones but not the iPhone 12. Perhaps this has something to do with the MagSafe components that are placed around the wireless charging coil. Apple has not publicly talked about the issue. One of the iPhone 12 users was informed by an online support chat that the company is aware of the problem and is currently working towards solving the same.

Reader: What is the issue with the iPhone 12 Pro Max charging? One day it will charge wirelessly ok, the next day it won’t. After hard reboot, it will charge. On your Apple forums, 700 people have same issue.

Apple: Ok, I do understand your concern We are working on this and it will be resolved in upcoming days.

Reader: So Apple knows that this is an issue?

Apple: Yes we have been going through the issues which customers are facing […] It will be resolved soon.”

SOURCE : 9to5Mac

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