Samsung Galaxy S21 owners will be able to unlock their phones with Bixby Voice

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There are multiple ways to unlock your phone these days. There is the fingerprint scanner, face unlock, PIN, password, and the good old pattern unlock. One other way albeit uncommon is voice unlock and the Galaxy S21 series may be bringing it back.Yes, bringing it back because Samsung used to offer the feature for some of its phones with Bixby but the feature was later removed. It has now been reported that the Galaxy S21 series will bring back the feature when it arrives next year.

According to SamMobile, the feature will be added back to One UI 3.1 which will debut on the Galaxy S21 series. The previous version allows users to unlock their device by saying “Hi Bixby”, so there is a chance when it makes its return next year, users will be able to unlock their phone the same way.

While the official Samsung support page for when the feature was still supported says that it is perfectly safe to unlock your phone with the “Hi Bixby” voice command, there are still reservations about the feature considering more advanced biometric features such as Face ID and fingerprint unlock can be fooled. Nevertheless, the option to be able to unlock your phone with your voice can come in handy in situations where you can’t operate your phone with your hand or can’t unlock it with your face.

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