Samsung Galaxy S21 Might Ship Without Power Adapter

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Apple announced that it will not be shipping a charging adapter and headphones with its smartphones anymore. According to Apple, it has taken this step to reduce the carbon footprint and protect the environment. However, reports online suggest that the brand has taken this step to reduce the manufacturing cost of iPhones and increase its profit margin.

On the same day as the launch event of iPhone 12 series, Samsung posted an image of a charger with a tagline saying “Included with your Galaxy” on social media platforms, mocking Apple for its decision to not include a charging adapter with iPhones.

Going by Samsung’s post, anyone would think that the Korean tech giant is committed to offering a charging adapter (and basic accessories) with its smartphones, unlike Apple. However, it turns out that it isn’t the case.

According to a new report from ChosunBiz, Samsung is planning on shipping its upcoming flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S21 series, without a charging adapter and headphones, just like Apple. The report also states that the Korean brand could take the same route for its other smartphones as well.

If the report is true, Samsung would be making fun of itself by doing the exact same thing as Apple after mocking the Cupertino-based tech giant for the same thing. But this wouldn’t be the first time that Samsung would be doing this. The Korean tech giant had mocked Apple in the past for a few of its decision and then followed Apple unapologetically.

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