You Can Measure Someone’s Height With iPhone 12 Pro’s LiDAR Scanner Instantly

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The iPhone 12 Pro lineup exclusively features a LiDAR scanner which Apple first debuted on the 2020 iPad Pro earlier this year. Despite Apple being heavily bullish on AR, the LiDAR scanner on these devices feels like it still has a lot of untapped potential. One cool new feature the LiDAR scanner on the new iPhones enables is the ability to measure a person’s height using the Measure app.

The method is very simple and just requires iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max owners to use the Measure app on their device. With the Measure app open, Apple notes that one must position the person away from the iPhone in such a manner that they appear on the display from head to toe. A few moments later, the LiDAR scanner will automatically detect and scan the height of the person and a bar will appear on top of a person showing their height. One can also take a photo of the person with their height and then share it with them later on. Apple also notes that one can even measure the height of a person seated on a chair using the Measure app.

Apart from the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the feature is also available on the 2020 iPad Pro lineup which features a LiDAR scanner.

While a simple feature, it is definitely cool to use the LiDAR scanner for such purposes. Since the LiDAR scanner is able to create a 3D map of a scene, the height measurement will be accurate as well unlike some other AR apps that offer similar functionality but only rely on the camera data for this.

Source: [Via MacRumors]

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